How To Convert A Scanned PDF To Word Online

Have you ever struggled with a scanned PDF that you needed to edit or update, but found yourself stuck because it’s not formatted as an editable document?

Scanned PDFs can be tricky, especially when you need to extract text for editing. But converting these documents into Word format PDF To Word online is easier than you might think.

Our guide will walk you through the steps to convert your scanned PDFs into Word documents using free online tools that make the most of OCR tech.

How to Convert Scanned PDF to Word Online

Turning a scanned PDF into an editable Word document online is easy and fast. You just need the right tools to do it.

Use of Free Online OCR Converters

Free online OCR converters make turning scanned PDFs into Word documents easy and quick. For example, Smallpdf’s OCR tool helps you do this from any browser on any device. And the best part? It’s free for a 7-day trial.

Another great option is Able2Extract Professional. This service gives you two free conversions every day and can handle files up to 50 MB. You don’t even need an email address to use it!

Benefits of using AI tools for conversion

Making the shift from free online OCR converters to AI tools for conversion can truly change the game. With AI technology, like that offered by, users enjoy a seamless experience.

This pdf reader with AI keeps your document’s layout and looks just as it was with more than 95% accuracy. Imagine converting hundreds of PDFs all at once! Yes, batch processing is real with AI, saving you loads of time and effort.

AI doesn’t just stop there; it reads and understands over 40+ languages from your scanned documents. This means you can work globally without worry. Errors? Those are minimized too because these smart tools know how to get things right the first time—boosting how easy it is to find what you need in your docs later on.

Steps for Converting Scanned PDF to Word Online

Turning a scanned PDF into a Word doc online is simple. You just upload your file, and let the tech do its magic to get you a Word document ready for editing.

Upload your scanned PDF file

Start by choosing where your scanned PDF file is saved. You have options like Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive. If your file is on one of these services, getting it ready for conversion is easy.

Tools like Smallpdf and Able2Extract let you upload files directly from wherever they’re stored, no email required. This step makes sure your document is set to go through the change from a scanned PDF to an editable Word document.

Using tools like PopAi is pretty handy because they work with any browser on any device. So, whether you’re using a phone, tablet, or computer, uploading your file is straightforward.

Just get to the website of the tool you want to use and follow their simple upload process. With just a few clicks, your scanned PDF will be ready for transformation into a Word doc that you can edit and change as needed.

Select the output format

Choosing .docx as your output format is a smart move for converting PDFs to Word. This option ensures that your document will be easy to edit and share. Tools like Able2Extract Professional not only offer this but also bring selective conversion options and multi language OCR support into play.

This means you can pick what parts of the document to convert and do it in various languages, making it super handy.

Then there’s Smallpdf, which steps up with a choice between selectable text or OCR options during conversion. It’s like having the power to tell the tool exactly how you want your PDF turned into a Word doc—whether keeping it simple with text selection or using OCR for those scanned documents that need more work.

Utilize AI technology for accurate conversion

AI technology steps in as a game changer for converting scanned PDFs to Word. Tools like PopAi, with their AI-powered OCR, achieve more than 95% accuracy. This level of precision means almost every word from your scanned document makes it into the Word file just as it was meant to be seen.

By choosing these AI tools, you’re not just turning a PDF into a Word doc—you’re ensuring that what you get is clear and true to the original.

Download the converted Word document

After your scanned PDF has gone through the AI-powered conversion, grabbing your new Word document is easy.

Once done, you can save the editable Word file to local storage. This means you get a document that’s ready for editing, and sharing and exporting become effortless tasks too.


So, you want to change a scanned PDF into a Word file online? It’s easier than you think. Free online OCR tools can turn your PDF into an editable document in no time. You just upload your PDF, pick “Word” as the output, and let AI do its magic for accuracy. Then, download your new Word file and start editing! This method is simple and saves you lots of time. Try converting your scanned documents today and see how much smoother your workflow gets!

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