Male Castration Website Made £300,000: Court Hears

Male Castration Website Made £300,000

In a shocking case, a court has heard details about an extreme body modification website that made nearly £300,000 by offering procedures, including the removal of male genitals. The website “Eunuch Maker“, run by Marius Gustavson and others, catered to a niche subculture and garnered over 22,000 subscribers who paid to view graphic content.

The “Eunuch Maker” Website

The website, aptly named “Eunuch Maker,” offered a range of extreme body modification services, with a focus on castration website. Gustavson, the mastermind behind the operation, carried out the procedures himself, often in his own flat or rented locations.

Subscribers and Pay-Per-View Model

The website operated on a subscriber model, with varying tiers offering different levels of access to the gruesome content. Subscribers paid to watch footage of the procedures, which were often filmed without proper medical protocols or hygiene standards. This disturbing business model generated significant revenue, with Gustavson amassing nearly £300,000 over the website’s operational period.

Court Proceedings and Charges

Gustavson, along with six other individuals involved in the operation, faced charges of conspiracy to commit grievous bodily harm.

Table : Key Details of the “Male Castration Website Made £300,000” Case

Website NameEunuch Maker
FounderMarius Gustavson
Services OfferedExtreme body modification, including castration
Target Audience“Nullos” subculture seeking genital nullification
Subscription ModelYes, with varying tiers for access to content
Revenue GeneratedNearly £300,000
Charges PressedConspiracy to commit grievous bodily harm
OutcomeMarius Gustavson admitted charges, awaiting sentencing
Key Concerns

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  • Health risks associated with unqualified procedures
  • Psychological factors driving desire for castration
  • Exploitation of vulnerable individuals |

The “Nullos” Subculture

The castration website catered to a specific subculture known as “nullos,” individuals who seek genital nullification through the removal of their penis and testicles. This practice, often driven by psychological factors, carries significant physical and emotional risks, with long-term consequences for those who undergo it.

Key Points of the Case

  • Scale of the Operation: The website had over 22,000 subscribers, highlighting the disturbing reach of this extreme body modification practice.
  • Monetization: The castration website generated nearly £300,000, showcasing the financial gain associated with this illegal activity.
  • Graphic Content: Subscribers paid to view footage of the procedures, which were often filmed in unhygienic and potentially dangerous settings.
  • Serious Health Risks: The castration procedures carried out by unqualified individuals posed significant health risks to those involved.


The “Eunuch Maker” case exposes a dark side of the internet, where extreme body modification practices are facilitated and monetized. The significant financial gain derived from this disturbing activity and the potential harm inflicted on individuals highlight the need for stricter regulations and enforcement measures to combat such practices.

Additional Considerations

  • Mental Health Support: It is crucial to address the underlying psychological factors that may lead individuals to seek extreme body modifications like castration. Providing mental health support and resources is essential in preventing such harmful practices.
  • Regulation of Online Content: The case raises concerns about the regulation of extreme and potentially harmful content online. Platforms have a responsibility to monitor and restrict the spread of such material.

This case serves as a stark reminder of the disturbing practices that can exist online and the potential for significant harm caused by the exploitation of vulnerable individuals.

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